So What is This About?

Charlie Robison-Good Times (2004)

Leon casino, The much anticipated new studio release includes 11 brand new tracks!

Song List
1. Good Times
2. New Year's Day
3. El Cerrito Place
4. Big City Blues
5. The Bottom
6. Love Means Never Having To Say You're Hungry
7. Photograph
8. Something In The Water
9. Always
10. Flatland Boogie
11. Magnolia

Charlie Robison-LIVE (2003)


The much anticipated new LIVE release from Charlie Robison includes his hit single "Walter".

Song List
1. Poor Man's Son
2. You're Not The Best
3. Right Man For The Job
4. Loving County
5. The Preacher

6. Tonight/You Shook Me All Night Long
7. Barlight Intro
8. Barlight
9. Life of the Party
10. The Wedding Song
11. Sunset Boulevard Intro
12. Sunset Boulevard
13. John O'Reilly
14. My Hometown Intro
15. My Hometown
16. Walter

Charlie Robison-Step Right Up (2001)


The much anticipated new release from Charlie Robison includes his new hit single "I Want You Bad".

Song List
1. Right Man For The Job
2. The Preacher
3. I Want You Bad
4. Desperate Times
5. The Wedding Song
(Duet with Natalie Maines)
6. Sweet Inspiration
7. John O'Reilly
8. Tonight
9. One In A Million
10. It Comes To Me Naturally
11. Rain
12. Life Of The Party


Unleashed LIVE (2000)



Charlie joins brother Bruce and Jack Ingram for a classic Live performance. A must have for any Charlie Robison fan!

Song List
1. The Good Life (Bruce Robison)
2. Rayne, Louisiana (Bruce Robison)
3. Angry All The Time (Bruce Robison)
4. Red Letter Day (Bruce Robison)
5. My Hometown (Charlie Robison)
6. Sunset Boulevard (Charlie Robison)
7. Loving County (Charlie Robison)
8. Barlight (Charlie Robison)
9. Mustang Burn (Jack Ingram)
10. Work This Out (Jack Ingram)
11. Travis County (Jack Ingram)
12. Barbie Doll (Jack Ingram

Charlie Robison-Life of the Party (1998)

Charlie's Freshman release Life Of The Party. Includes the hits "Barlight", "My Hometown" and "Loving County".

Song List
1. Poor Man's Son

2. Sunset Boulevard
3. Barlight
4. My Hometown
5. Don't Call Me A Fool
6. Arms OF Love
7. I Don't Feel That Way
8. You're Not The Best
9. Loving County
10. Waiting For The Mail
11. Indianola
12. Molly's Blues